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Megan & Judy

Megan McNamee MPH, RDN and Judy Delaware OTR/L are feeding experts with over 40 years of combined pediatric feeding experience. They have been teaching Baby-led Weaning since 2013 and have helped thousands of families with safe self-feeding. Learn more at

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About this course




This course was designed for caregivers of toddlers ages 1 through 3 but is appropriate for caregivers of older infants and older children (through age 5-7); some nutritional considerations will be different, but the general ideas remain the same.

Feeding your toddler can be tough. We have been there, too. As moms ourselves, we know how hard it is when your child won't eat the foods you've prepared, or perhaps won't eat at all. The strategies provided  in this course are not theoretical or unachievable - they're for real families with real toddlers, and we use them with our own families and clients every day. (As a bonus, they just happen to be evidence-based too.) This 18 lesson video and audio based course provides immediate resources and tools for you to start seeing a change in your child’s eating habits quickly! Feeding Littles: Toddlers includes everything you need to get meals and snacks back on track.

This is information you won't find online, folks. It's the best of feeding therapy, nutrition counseling, and creative meal planning combined - all at an affordable price of only $69. The best part is, the class never dies and your login never expires. You can access the class anytime, anywhere, for as long as you need too. It’s a great reference even once you complete the course!

What does this course include?

Your role as a parent in feeding and the most important ways you can support the feeding relationship

- Messy eating and teaching table manners

- Your child's weight and how it relates to feeding

- What types of food to offer toddlers and age-appropriate serving sizes for adequate nutrition

- Nutritional supplements for toddlers

- How to include key nutrients like iron, calcium and vitamin D

- Why toddlers are picky, especially with vegetables and meats, and what to do about it

- How to manage challenging feeding situations, including refusal to sit at the table, eating well for other people, throwing food, grazing, eating "too much" or "too  little," demanding certain foods, or asking for food immediately after refusing a meal

- How to avoid making separate meals for your toddler ("short order cooking")

- Bribing, begging or force feeding - what are more productive solutions?

- How to guide your child toward eating more than just a few acceptable foods

- Feeding children with special diets

- Making mealtimes fun and interesting

- Meal planning, toddler style

- Eating on the go

- Secrets and feeding therapy techniques for adding novelty and interest to feeding time

- Meal and snack ideas

- How to bust out of your meal planning rut

- Easy meals when you haven't gone grocery shopping

- Grocery lists

- Dealing with specific high chair challenges

- Constipation strategies for toddlers

- Calorie boosting strategies for toddlers 

- Plus, much more!

Why Feeding Littles?

Many courses on the market offer either nutrition advice or some feeding therapy tips, but none combine both areas to give you a complete toddler feeding education. Judy and Megan, the heart and soul behind Feeding Littles, are  are feeding professionals and moms who know how important it is to trust the information you receive when it comes to your child! Judy is a licensed Occupational Therapist with over thirty years of experience in pediatrics, while Megan is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master's degree in Public Health Nutrition and a certification as an Intuitive Eating Counselor.They have combined their extensive education, experience, and mama know-how to create information you can actually use and put into practice today.
A portion of the proceeds from Feeding Littles: Toddlers will benefit the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation for SMA research and awareness. Learn more about SMA and baby Jack - the inspiration behind Feeding Littles - here

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